Your rug has many years of life left. Repair it and extend its longevity.
Thinking it’s time to say goodbye to your old rug? Let us repair and restore it so you can enjoy it for many more years to come.

Everyone will be envious of your ‘brand new’ rug...
Fool everyone into thinking that you splurged once again on a new Oriental rug. Transform a deteriorated rug into that piece of art that it once was. Our repair and restoration experts give your rug the makeover it needs to, not only look great again, but to extend its longevity so you can continue to enjoy it for a very long time.

We’ll never overcharge for your rug repairs

  • Binding
  • Serging
  • Fringing
  • Side Repairs
  • Holes and Rips
  • Moth Damage
  • Preservation
  • And More!
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